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At Integrated Telecom Solution, Inc. we understand how important our Partner Program is to the growth of our business and value each partner as a member of the ITS, Inc. family. We know that each and every partner has certain strengths in regards to product knowledge and as technology changes you need a partner that understands and follows the trends in the communications industry. You also need a partner that can be there for you to answer those tough technical questions to help build confidence with your prospects and build long lasting business relationships.


In our industry many of our fellow colleagues have lost sight of the big picture. What value am I getting from this partnership? With our carrier relationships, we not only offer a nationwide presence but now can help you extend your market to a global scale. With our industry veterans supporting your customer base, you will have more time to devote to selling and growing your business. If you are interested in helping your customers find the best possible solution that best meets their communications needs, then we want to hear from you.


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